Health & Wellness Programs

 by Mirabai Holland

Health, Wellness & Exercise for 50+ gives 50 plus people the tools to Exercise at home 24/7 in a small space, book Zoom exercise classes, get help losing weight, Eat better, and make healthy lifestyle changes with health coaching.

Certified Health coach and Certified exercise Physiologist Mirabai Holland has designed Exercise Health and Wellness programs that make it easier to take charge of your health.

Life Changing Results

RUTH, NYC: "I was about 20 pounds heavier but I was doing the exercise program for health and fitness rather than beauty. I was extremely out of shape and Mirabai made me feel that you didn’t have to be skinny to be fit that you didn’t have to be young to be fit. She was very welcoming. Mirabai breaks things down in a way that makes you stick with her. Her sequence builds on itself. You begin slow and easy and before you know it, you’re working up a bit of a sweat. You amaze yourself with what you can do.  A natural discipline is created and you are able to eat less and still enjoy eating. The pounds just melted away. Walking and doing movements outside of exercising became really pleasurable.


Now I use the exercises to have more movement in life. I do a lot of baby-sitting for my grandchildren and I couldn’t be lifting them and have the pleasure I have with them or the endurance, without the exercise framework that Mirabai set for me."

ANN, ATLANTA: "Over the years, my weight had gradually risen to 165 pounds.  I knew I was overweight, I felt lousy and I hated the way I looked.  I knew I had to diet and exercise, and I kept telling myself that I would/could do it “tomorrow,” but I just couldn’t find the motivation.  I also have always hated exercise, and the few times I joined a gym. A while ago when I visited my, cardiologist, he told me he wanted me to lose 15 pounds by the time I came to see him again in six months.  I knew that I had to do it, or I would be so embarrassed I wouldn’t be

able to come back to see him again.  A couple of days later, I started with Mirabai’s 6 Fabulous Forever videos. They sounded like they’d be worth a try, and they’ve been wonderful. I did the three Easy workouts first. Along with a diet of very little, rice, potatoes or pasta, they got me going.  After having lost around 30 pounds and improving my fitness level, I started the Fabulous Forever level 2 videos and the Stretch and Tone. At this point, I’ve reached my goal weight and have maintained it.  I’ve added some things back into my diet in moderation, and I still exercise every day. Mirabai and my new way of eating have helped me change my lifestyle for good.  I’m 100% convinced that diet and exercise go hand in hand; you can’t do one without the other.  If I only diet, I might lose weight, but I’d be all flabby and not toned.  If I only exercise but don’t eat right, I might be toned, but I won’t lose weight or be as healthy as I feel today. I find Mirabai’s workouts to be perfect for me.  I can roll out of bed in the morning and get my workout in without having to drive to the gym.  Mirabai doesn’t yell at me, and the workout is suited to my age group.

Mirabai Holland MFA, CHC, EP-C


Mirabai is one of the leading authorities in the Health & Well-Being Industry. She is an ACE Certified Health Coach, and an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist. She served four years as chair of the American Council on Exercise instructor examination Committee and examiner for the American College of Sports Medicine. She develops lifestyle protocols addressing various health issues and has counseled thousands of clients. Her programs include: Lose to Win™ Weight Loss Program, The Health Coaching Program for Manatee County FL 7000 government employees, Nutrition and Weight Management program with Mount. Sinai Hospital, NYC, Skeletal Fitness® the first Osteoporosis exercise program in the US, A Women’s Heart, first Women’s Group exercise Cardio Rehab program in the US for Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC, Congestive Heart Failure protocol for NY visiting nurses, Developed Cancer Wellness Program with Memorial Sloan Kettering, Consultant, National Arthritis Foundation’s  PACE (People With Arthritis Can Exercise) Manual, Developed Pedaling with Parkinson’s program for Neuro Challenge Foundation and Sarasota Memorial Hospital, FL.

Holland is the creator of several home exercise videos that are customer top rated on QVC and Amazon and creator of the online workout club Moving Free With Mirabai.

President of NuVue LLC, a Healthy Living Content Video Production Company.